What is the history of English football?

Around the 12th century, the history of English football began: it slowly began to gain mass popularity – it was played not only by villagers, but also by townspeople – sometimes the number of players reached hundreds. As such, there were no clear rules – it was possible to hit not only with your feet, but also with your hands, it was not forbidden to rush at other players and take the ball away. Church leaders and merchants were very unhappy with such folk fun – a noisy crowd caused unrest in the cities. Football was recognized as a demonic occupation and was eradicated in every possible way – as a result, at the end of the 14th century, Richard II introduced a series of laws that forbade the game and assumed all kinds of punishments for disobedience – up to execution.

Initially, in England, football was considered an amateur sport, and long-term disputes flared up about recognizing it as a professional one. As a result, he was nevertheless given the status of a professional game in 1885. From that moment, the players began to officially receive a salary.

In 1888, the owner of the Aston Villa team, W. McGregor, first put forward the proposal for organized calendar tournaments, rather than chaotic meetings. This year also saw the founding of the Football League, which brought together clubs not only in England, but also part of Wales. At the same time, the first season of the league was held, in which 12 clubs took part.

Are there any local clubs in Great Britain?

The British football system also provides for the functioning of local clubs. For example, Woking Football Club. Woking club is an English football club from the city of the same name, founded in 1889. It plays in the National League. Home matches of Woking club are hosted at the Kingfield Stadium, with a capacity of 6,036 spectators.
The rivals of Woking are the Stevenage and the Aldershot Town, where the parties have a large number of officials, even though they have the best rivals with the Farnborough and the Crawley Town.
In Woking Club’s history the club has produced some important players such as Scott Smith (New Zealand international from 1998 to 2003), Nassim Akrour (Algerian international from 2001 to 2004), Malik Buari (played for Fulham FC), Kevin Betsy (also played for FC Fulham), Ian Selley (played for Arsenal) and Clive Walker (ended his career at Woking, also played for Chelsea).

How to bet on football?

Sports betting, and especially football, is becoming more and more popular every year. Many people aspire to become a professional capper. It is not uncommon for a love of football or another sport to be expressed in terms of money: a fan who has some expert experience in predicting sports events decides to bet on sports and earn his living from it.

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It is not necessary to consider sports betting as your main activity. You must have another source of income. This is important both psychologically and from the point of view of banal pragmatics.
Do not take loans or borrow money for betting on football. From the drain series no one is immune. A couple of miscalculations in the financial policy of rates – and now you are already clutching your head with your hands, starting to pull tufts out of your hair. Play with your free capital.

What are effective betting strategies?

There are no win-win strategies. Sports betting is a game in which there is a risk of losing everything. You need to approach the process with a cool head and control yourself without deviating from the chosen football betting strategy.
According to the theory, it is always possible to get an effect from any strategy. However, the real efficiency is known in a practical way and depends on such nuances:

  • match selection;
  • unplanned accidents on the football field (red card, injury to the leading player, etc.);
  • consistent bettor tactics.

By combining all aspects, you can achieve a positive bank in the long run.

Also, do not forget to compare the odds – in the Internet space you will find many sites for comparing odds, thanks to which you can choose exactly the bookmaker that, in the event of a positive bet at the rate you are interested in, will provide you with the maximum winnings.
Don’t be driven by emotions – your sports betting adventure won’t be just a series of victories. Therefore, when you lose several bets in a row, do not try to win back at any cost. This is the first step to becoming addicted and losing all the money you have invested in betting.

How to bet on football online?

Betting on football via the Internet is always exciting, interesting and, most importantly, can bring real income. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that for a large number of players, an excellent knowledge of football brings daily profit, thanks to competent bets on the desired event.

All bets on the Internet are carried out quite simply. To do this, you just need to log into your account in an online bookmaker, having previously replenished your account with the amount necessary for the game and having studied the proposed line, based on fresh statistical data, make your choice.

After waiting for the successful completion of the event, you may well immediately withdraw your money in a way convenient for you, or direct it to a further game in order to receive an even larger win. The list of events for football matches is often striking in its diversity. Each office offers you its own version of the line, with a huge selection of football bets. A sample of statistics is individually selected for each event, which allows the player to make the right choice in a short period of time.